All commissions are very welcome and I am happy to design and make any pieces to your specifications.  If you have a design in mind or you see any of my work on the web-site or Scottish Sea Glass facebook page, which you’d prefer made in a different sea glass or bead colour, just let me know.  Additionally, charms can be added to create an even more personal touch such as; ‘initials’, ‘Bride’, ‘Bridesmaids’, ‘Mum’ and ‘Sister’, to name a few.  Furthermore, I have an ever growing sea glass collection, gathered from many shores around Scotland.  Therefore, if a particular area of Scotland holds significance to you, glass from this area can be included in your commissioned piece.

My aim is to work with you to produce high quality, original work which you or the recipient will be delighted with.  If you would like to see more images of commisioned work please go to the commisions part of my Facebook page by clicking here

To have a piece of Scottish Sea Glass jewellery or accessories commissioned for you, simply get in touch via the ‘contact’ section of the website or call me on 07704422810.

Your Sea Glass transformed into Jewellery

Perhaps you collected some sea glass from the beach on your honeymoon, or your grandchildren lovingly gave you a piece of  treasure they found from the sea shore, or maybe simply a piece of sea glass you found yourself and it reminds you of that sunny day spent relaxing by the sea.  Whatever the piece and however you acquired it you could have it made in to your own timeless and unique piece of sea glass jewellery.

If you have a piece of Sea Glass which you or a loved one has collected and you would like it made into a unique piece of jewellery,  a commission can be arranged.

Simply send your piece or pieces of sea glass to me, I will assess the sea glass and working along with your requests, I will design a beautiful piece of jewellery using your very own special piece(s) of sea glass.

Prior to starting your commission I will provide you with a cost, (which is usually on par with the prices of work in my online shop).  Your commissioned piece will be made and ready for posting usually within a weeks of the work being undertaken (depending on the design of your jewellery).

 Be it a loving gift for valentines, birthdays, wedding anniversaries or Christmas for a special person in your life, a thank you present to the person you spent that lovely day on the beach with or simply a unique present to yourself; a piece of sea glass jewellery made using your own sea glass captures and carries with it memories each time it’s worn.

Please Click Here For More Information ( currently undergoing a bit of work so please email with your enquiry )