Unique handmade Sea Glass Jewellery


Sea glass, also known as mermaid tears or sea jewels, is glass found on the beaches and shores of the sea, some rivers, lochs and lakes. The glass which has found it’s way into the sea, accidentally or through littering, is naturally broken up and tumbled by the sea and sand, creating the smooth, frosted appearance and textures, which can be seen on my jewellery.
All my pieces of Scottish Sea Glass jewellery and products, use genuine and naturally tumbled sea glass which I have found on the beaches of Scotland, from Edinburgh to the Shetland Isles.

Each piece of Scottish Sea Glass jewellery made is completely unique, as no two pieces of Sea Glass are ever the same.Scottish Sea Glass Gallery

The Scottish sea glass is naturally tumbled by the sea, then myself and family collect it off the sea shore, we bring it home to my workshop where it is soaked and cleaned.

 Much care and attention is then taken in the design process, where I select the  right pieces of Sea Glass taking into consideration colour, shape, size and  textures of each piece.

 As no two pieces of sea glass found are ever the same, consequently no two  pieces of my work are ever the same. Therefore, when you purchase a piece of  Scottish Sea Glass jewellery, you can be sure you are wearing something  unique and individual.

 From individual pieces, to commissioned work using a customers own sea  glass they have found, to larger corporate gift orders, I absolutely love every stage of making my Scottish Sea Glass jewellery and other products. I hope you enjoy my website and any pieces you order, as much as I enjoy making them.

Thank you.
Gaynor Hebden-Smith. 2009-2016
Scottish Sea Glass