sea and beach
sea and beach
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Sea glass is also known as mermaid tears or sea jewels. This glass can be found on the beaches and shores of the sea, some rivers, lochs and lakes. All my pieces of Scottish Sea Glass jewellery and products, use genuine and naturally tumbled glass which I have found on the beaches of Scotland,  from Edinburgh to the Shetland Isles.  

“With time and patience, nature transforms what was once sea litter into stunning treasures of the sea”

Scottish Sea Glass - Sea Glass Jewellery
Scottish Sea Glass - Sea Glass Jewellery
Lovely 'little fish' hand carved sea glass earrings. Keep swimming this week gx

From the beach, to the workshop, to you …

Visit Scotland 

Scotland with it miles of coastline and stunning scenery offers the perfect location to collect Sea Glass.

Unique handcrafted Jewellery

As no two pieces of sea glass found are ever the same, each piece of Scottish Sea Glass jewellery is unique.  Every item purchased is made to order, especially for you and each piece is truly ‘One of a Kind’.

From individual orders, bespoke commissioned work,  to larger corporate gift orders, I adore  every stage of making my Scottish Sea Glass jewellery and other products. I also love working with sea glass you have found yourself. I enjoy turning your finds into personal pieces of wearable art. I hope you enjoy my website, my work and  you orders, as much as I enjoy making them.

Thank you