Care of your Sea Glass Jewellery

Scottish Sea Glass Jewellery.  All my sea glass jewellery/ sea glass jewelry ( also known as beach glass ) and sea glass ( beach glass ) accessories use 100% reclaimed Scottish Sea Glass, which has been gathered from the shores of Scotland’s beaches, rivers and lochs, from Edinburgh to the Shetland Isles.  The glass which was at one point littered into the sea, has been broken up and over time it has naturally been tumble by the power of the waves on the shore to create smooth, frosted pieces of beautiful sea treasure.

When sea glass comes into contact with the natural oils found on the skin, the frosted appearance of the glass may lessen slightly.  Also, when sea glass and silver come into contact, a slight blackening may appear over time.  Simply use a firm bristled toothbrush with a touch of water, to gentle brush this away.

I hope you enjoy your piece of Scottish Sea Glass jewellery as much as I truly enjoyed designing and  making it.

Gaynor Hebden-Smith

Scottish Sea Glass