‘Sea Sprite’ Raffle for TCCL

One of these beautiful ‘Sea Sprites’ sculptures will be hand crafted just for you if you are the winner of the raffle to raise funds for TCCL. TCCL (pronounces Tickle) is a charty based in Tayside and North Fife who specialise in supporting families who have a child under the age of 18 who has been diagnosed with either cancer or leukaemia. Each Sea Sprite is priced at £45, but raffle tickets are only £1 each (no limit on the number of tickets which can be purchased) These charming little Sea Sprite sculptures will be available to buy later this month. To be the first to have one made especially for you please take part in the raffle for a good cause.


About the Sea Sprite Collection

This enchanting ‘Sea Sprite’ collection aims to capture uplifting, thoughtful and positive affirmations for whoever looks upon them. Each hand carved sea glass sprite not only carries with it the love I pour into making each piece, but also the loving, cheery and carefree spirit of the sea sprites themselves! You are never alone with a sea sprite by your side and although being only little each sprite holds the awesome vast wisdom and power of the sea itself. Maybe the next time you visit the beach you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a sea sprite as they fly or scurry along the shoreline.

Each little Sea Sprite sculpture is made using sea glass from the Scottish shorelines which has been lovingly hand carved into a little sea sprite. The additional materials used in each sculpture are reclaimed wood, nails, paper, wire and plastic.

  • Please click on the ‘Sea Sprite Raffle’ to purchase you raffle ticket.
  • Tickets cost £1 each.
  • The Raffle runs from 17-1-24 – 30-1-24
  • The winner will be drawn on 1-2-24
  • The winner will be contacted and will have the option to choose which Sea Sprite Sculpture they would prefer.